Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Scrapbook Adventure

It's Magic with the "Mystify" scrapbook two page layout. It's magic with the Flip Flapping going on. The left page has a 4 X 12 flap that flips down and the right page has a 6 X 12 flap that flips up. Added some more magic with and envelope to hold that secret surprise and the pull out journaling. When the left page flap flips down there is a surprise journaling card made using a Wishes 3 X 3 card. You will find these magical tips in Magic on pages 17, 19, and 87

"Mystify" from Magic is a copy right released layout
Left page flip flap down shows the journaling and the surprise 3X3 card

Add 4 more photos with 6 X 12 Flip Flaps


Pamela OConnor said...

I LOVE this layout! Great job using the flip flaps.

Traci Godbee said...

very pretty!