Monday, September 14, 2020

Waterfall Card Tutorial

Easy to Make with the Waterfall Thin Cut
Cut the pieces of the card from the Waterfall Thin Cut

Assemble the four squares as desired

Fold slider on the center scored line
Fold bottom section with flaps up toward the top

Fold flaps around the slider and glue ends only together.

Adhere the bottom square to the scored section of the slider

Adhere second square to the next scored section on slider.

Adhere third square to the next scored section on the slider.

Attach last square at the top of the slider.
Decorate the inside of slider as desired (see photo below)

Attach slider to the card. Put adhesive on folded over flaps only

Pull tab down to make the waterfall flow.

Keep pulling to reveal the message on the inside.

Completed card.

This card makes great specialty card for holidays, celebrations, and everyday encouragement cards.

 View this card in motion 


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