Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Little Late to the Party

But...Better Late Than Never
Close to my Heart has a special this month with the My Crush
books and their accompanying assortment. When these cute
books first came out I got the Bluebird book and the assortments.
However....I was not inspired to use it until I was inspired by
Katy's Bible Journaling and her great use of words and stamps.
So, this is my first attempt at journaling one of my
favorite Bible verses: "The Word is a lamp unto 
my feet and a light unto my path." I'm going to
try to journal one verse a week and make 
the verse my weekly Bible study. 
 "Happy" was the word study this week.
More verses coming your way as I journal each week.

Now, I usually don't write so much in one post but I wanted to share
with you this fun way of journaling. It can be addicting. If you would
like to start your Bible Journaling you can order any one of four
My Crush books this month. These books are available while supplies last. 
Once they are gone they are gone for good. You still have a few days to
order one. You can phone or e-mail me your order or you can order

Thank you for visiting my blog today and may God bless you richly each day as you walk with Him.

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