Thursday, December 18, 2014

Packaging the Money Gifts

This Year For Christmas
This year my husband and I decided to give cash for Christmas giving.
I didn't want to just but the money in a card so I  gathered up some
ideas on Pinterest. I incorporated the money with a Christmas candy treat.
Mason jar full of Christmas M & Ms with some cash inserted
in a tube in the center of the jar.
Mason jar with Christmas M & Ms, Hugs, and Kisses.
The lid has three candles, two are rolled twenty dollars bills.
Plastic water bottle filled with Christmas candies and
rolled dollar bills. To fill the bottle cut an opening in the
side of the bottle, fill with treats and money, close the opening
and cover with Christmas B&T paper. Cover lid with coordinating 
fabric and attach  with a ribbon.
A suitcase with Hershey nuggets wrapped in money.
Snowman has a twenty dollar bill scarf.
Clear box with Ghirardelli chocolates wrapped with 
twenty dollar bills. Container filled with Hugs and Kisses.
Soup can with pop top is filled with chocolates, a roll of
quarters, and some dollar bills. This gift is for my brother who
usually comes up short on parking change at the beach. Hope
this will help.To make this container cut the bottom off a
pop top can. Clean can, fill with goodies and reseal the bottom 
lid with liquid glass. Decorate the can as desired.
Nugget box with Money tree.

Happy Christmas and 
Merry New Year to you and yours.


Amy Moore said...

These are all awesome ideas! Makes getting money more fun!!

Unknown said...

Jody, your money gift containers are AWESOME! Would make great birthday gifts. See you in 2 Friday's. Happy New Year.