Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday's Scrapbooking Adventure

It's a road trip with Helen's scrapbook challenge this week. Our travel adventure is portrayed in a layout using "Three Part Harmony" from Imagine. This summer our roadtrips will be trips to the beach for some sun and surf.

Zachary surfing it up on his board.

It is always fun to be able to use my retired papers. This paper from "Laid Back" just seemed to fit.

I couldn't stop at one 2-page layout. I had to do one with Ashley, too.

Ashley's our ballerina girl. Remember "Dancing on the Beach"

I guess you can take the surfer girl out of the ballerina, but you can't take the ballerina out of the surfer girl. that ballerina pose is always ready to go. And, who could resist that smile?

I guess keeping the balance on the board is just as important as keeping the balance on her toes.

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