Monday, May 31, 2010

Gift Card Holder Directions

Use an A2 size envelope to make a gift card holder

Fold your envelope in half
Open the flap and cut to the top of the envelope. Glue the flap on the left down on the envelope.

Cover the left side with BTP of your choice. Punch 1/2 circle on the top of the BTP for the right side of the envelope. Attach BTP to the envelope making a pocket at the top opening.

Finish the inside of the holder. Slide your gift card in the pocket and fold down the flap. Close the gift card holder like a card.

Cover the front and back sides of the envelope with BTP. Make a belly band to keep closed.


Sheila Bennett said...

Very clever gift card holder. Thanks for sharing the instructions.

Annette Green said...

Absolutely love this! Thanks for the directions. I'll be using this for sure.

Sherry F said...

thanks for the directions