Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Wishes Meets Color Me Monday

I used the card idea that I submitted to Close to My Heart that was featured on Jeanette's blog this week. These circle cards are fun but they're even more fun with the CD envelope to match.

And of course these "Got the Blues" colors are really cool. For Moonstruck I used the card stock and the back of BTP in Route 66, for Heavenly Blue I used card stock, ribbon round, and brads, for Outdoor Denim I used card stock, ribbon round and brads. The stamp set is Friendship Blessings (D1191).

"Merry-Go-Round" from Wishes

"Ricochet" from Wishes


Laurie said...

Way cuuuute Jody! I love the "Thank you" card...the focus of the card inside the window and REALLY like how you textured the envelope for extra POP! The bow and brads really finished off the look! After seeing this, I can't wait to 'get the blues'!!!!

Laurie said...

I loooove the Thank You card! Love the focus of the card inside the window...and loooove the texture you added to the envelope finished off with the bow and brads. Way cute!!! I can't wait to 'get the blues'!!!! Good job Jody!

Unknown said...

So pretty. Blue is my favorite color so I am totally in love with these cards!