Monday, March 30, 2020

Tic Tac Toe Time

With Paper Tearing
Color My Heart Tic Tac Toe challenge combined 
with the paper tearing challenge at Heart 2 Heart
 makes a special day card for someone special.
Tic Tac Toe Colors: Bottom row, Toffee, Peach, 
and Mink Paper Tearing to make the sand hills 
and tearing around the sentiment and curling the 
edges give a fun texture to the message.

Choose your Tic Tac Toe colors and share something 
special at Color My Heart. If you give it 
some texture with paper tearing share at 


Cat Nowak said...

Beautiful card! I love how you used the torn paper with the sea shells. Thank you for playing with us at both Heart 2 Heart and Color Dare!

Brandi said...

Great card, I love the same affect with the shells...wonderful job!

Suzanne Reynolds said...

Those torn edges sure do make a great sandy beach with shells peeking out of the it. Thanks for sharing with us at Color Dare.

Melissa Robinson said... this awesome scenery, made real by the paper tearing!

Thank you for playing in our Heart 2 Heart Challenges.