Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday Wishes Meet Color Me Monday

Another Color Me Monday challenge from Jeanette. I wanted to use new paper and stamps from the new Autumn/Winter Idea Book but Twitterpated had the crystal blue/sweet leaf and Jingle had the tulip and they definitely did not mix. Oh, what to do?

So I decided to use the Twitterpated paper(X7118B) with the coordinating Many Thanks(D1371) stamp set. That meant the leaves would need to be tulip (a little out of the box for me). I stamped the leaves second generation and ink the edges and added the sentiment with tulip as well. Added a little sweet leaf ribbon with a polka dotted heart from the Grow With Love(D1372) stamp set and they're ready to go.

"All Squared Up" from Wishes

"Window Wishes" from Wishes


Heather P. said...

How did you make the cute white 'frame' on the first card? thank you!

Jody Gustafson said...

Heather, I e-mailed you at your website email with the directions. Let me know if you if you got my email and the directions worked for you.

Kelly Maatman said...


That frame in the first card is great! I looked at that and thought, "how did she...oh my gosh, my fiskars punch!". Now my mind is racing; doing one side creates a pocket, two opposite sides creates a pretty sentiment ribbon/paper slide. Genius!

sondra said...

This is Sondra...your "old" friend in Georgia. I love your new website. It is very well done, and I'm impressed. I am going to pass this on to my sister who does a lot of cards and scrapbooking like this. Unfortunately, my 3 day a week part time job keeps me pretty busy along with teaching art/watercolor painting classes occasionally.
Take care,