Monday, October 12, 2020

Shaker Card Tutorial

Fun Shaker cards are easier now with our 
window foam and acetate kits.

Our kits come in all shapes for all occasions.

Step 1. Choose your shape. You can choose from squares, 
rectangles, circles, stars and hearts.
Step 2. choose your paper pack and the coordinating
 color for your shaped frame.

Step 3. Cut the base section Stamp on the base or cut
 the base out of decorative paper.

Step 4 Add your window foam to your base leaving om the 
protective cover.
Step 5. Powder inside the shape with baby powder to prevent 
the shaker pieces from sticking to the foam.

Step 6. Add your desired shaker elements: sequins, 
star confetti, beads, cut outs, etc.
Step 7. Pull off foam protective tape and add the
 acetate window to the sticky foam.

Step 8. Adhere the window frame to the acetate cover. 
Step 9. Your shaker window is ready to add to your card.

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