Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Chocolate Christmas Gift

It's homemade candies all wrapped in Mistletoe with a gift card in the corner. This weekend we had our annual fundraiser for the food bank. All the local crafters sell their wonderful handmade goodies at the Craft Boutique to raise money and take food donations for the local food bank. If you've been missing me on my blog I have been busy making my homemade items for the sale but now I'm back.
I met Chris at the Craft Boutique where she was selling her fabulous homemade candies. If you have seen the price of Sees candies, this box of homemade chocolate treats is a bargain. I got one for everyone in my family.
Now for the best part....Chris will come to my home and teach me and my friends how to make this fabulously scrumptious candy. Our Chocolate party is on December 11, just in time for Christmas gift making. (If you miss this one we will have another chocolate party for Valentines).
If you would like to know more about her candy treats you can contact her at
sweetstuff @yahoo.com

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