Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Scrapbook Adventure

Helen's "Magician's Choice" from Magic challenge #73 was the inspiration this week's scrapbook project.
Every year the Ashley and Zach come home with their new school clothes and put on a fashion show. This layout has a little 3X3 accordion folded booklet that opens to see the rest of the show. I used the Notebook paper pack for this layout. The stitching is embroidery thread around the edge and the code labels from Code It are machine stitched. The fabric swatches are made by cropping a section of Zach's shirts and sewing them next to the word Fashion.

Classmate Alphabet and cut outs from the journaling sheet complete the look.

The blue square at the top is the accordion 3x3 booklet.

The accordion booklet opened.


Melissa Laverty said...

I love EVERYTHING about this layout. Perfect as usual.

Amy Pitts said...

wow I love this. How have I missed your blog before....subbing ASAP!