Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January Blues Brightened My Day

Jeanette's Embracing January colors included one of my favorites. Anything with Lilac Mist and I'm there. I usually put it with crystal blue or dutch blue but with Indian Corn Blue Lilac Mist it just brightened my day. Also, I have not thought to use Vanilla Cream as an accent color. I usually use it as a neutral card base. Needless to say these colors were really fun!


Wendy K. said...

Very nice cards Jody! I like the crisp colors!

Melissa Laverty said...

These might be the best artwork I have seen with this paper! LOVE IT!!!

Sheila Bennett said...

Very pretty cards!! Really like how you put the colors together - so fresh looking. :)

Sarah said...

Jody, I have just found your blog and I have to say you are truly gifted! All your work is just breathtaking!
These cards are just darling.

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