Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Wishes Meets Color Me Monday

It's Fall and time for pumkins and Thanksgiving. Jeanette's colors are rich and bold. Colors: Ponderosa Pine, Autumn Terracotta, Barn Red, and Bamboo. We don't use Ponderosa Pine that often so it was fun to combine with the fall colors.

When Fall comes I think of leaves. Jeanette made pumkins (really cute) that I will try to make later for 5 Card Night. These cards are "Framework" and "All Tucked In" from Wishes. I used Ponderosa Pine, Barn Red, and Bamboo Cardstock. The leaves and acorn from Many Thanks(D1371) are stamped with Autumn Terracotta and rolled in Barn Red & Ponderosa Pine ink. The words and word background come from Grateful Hearts (1372).

I'm ready to move on from Wednesday Wishes but if you would like me to continue leave me a comment.


Anonymous said...

I like your Wednesday's but don't limit yourself because we like what you like for you. We like whatever you come up with and want to share with us. Thanks for inspiring us to do more.


Colleen said...

I agree with Iona. I'm thrilled with whatever you can share with us. I check each and every morning just hoping to see what you have recently posted to your blog. Keep up the great and inspiring work Jody!